Mindz Brainplay is the only provider in the world taking neuroscience to the schools,  the boardroom, the mall, the pubs and even your loungeroom!

Basically, MINDZ reads and explains the electrical signals coming from your brain using a variety of EEG (electroencephalograph) headsets. These brainwave signals are  generated by the 80-100 billion neurons inside your head. 

As well as actually seeing your neurons firing you can use the power of differing thoughts to control objects on a screen. You can even play games against friends using only your mind to move the gaming characters.

It’s a completely safe, educational and fascinating journey into the brain, brain health, neuron communication and the possible future of a brain-controlled world.

In our School visits, AirBnB Experiences, corporate and private sessions, we cover the following …

1. A jargon-free introduction to brain structure, function and health including:
⇒ Neurons, their role and how they communicate
⇒ Preserving your neurons / brain health
⇒  The crazy diseases that can effect the brain
⇒  The left/right brain myth and an introduction to the ‘modular brain’

2. Mind Control where you …
⇒ Move an object on screen according to your thought control.
⇒ See the application of this to medicine and a thought controlled future.

3. See inside your brain …
View the incredible electrical network that makes up your mind in real time.
⇒  Discover your brain type.
⇒ See and understand the brainwave colours. Click the image at right to get a glimpse.

4. Play a game / Fly a drone …
Play a game with friends or our system using ONLY mind control to score points.
Fly a drone using your mind (schools only)

Basically, MINDZ BRAINPLAY takes neuroscience out of the lab and onto the streets. It’s educational, entertaining and gives a fascinating insight the workings of the mind.

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