Queensland Franchisee needed

Mindz Brainplay is seeking expressions of interest from teachers, ex-teachers or science / medical educators in Queensland with a strong interest in science, neuroscience or STEM subjects to be ‘Offer A’ owners of the Mindz Brainplay franchise. Only two Offer A franchises are available in Australia.

You do not need to be a specialist science educator as all training in included. However, an interest in science or STEM is important. Primary, secondary and specialist teachers are especially invited to apply.

What is ‘Offer A’?
Offer A
is the pre-full-financial year offer. Due to the pre-financial year status, it has a 40% discount to the projected 2017-18 earnings of the NSW parent franchise. It is also calculated on your state population as a percentage of the NSW parent state. Queensland is based on 62.65% of the NSW projected figures i.e. Queensland has 62.65% of the NSW population. The full pricing formula is in the business overview.

‘Offer B’ will be based on 2017-18 full financial year figures and have a substantially higher Franchise fee – a projected 40% higher.

Only ONE franchisee will be licensed in Queensland. This means the Queensland Franchisee can service all QLD schools and develop any extra QLD brand-relevant activities (see full overview). There are 1,723 schools in Queensland. If the franchisee visited just 6 schools a month on a ‘half-day’ basis, they would  nearly double their investment within a year.

Why are we offering this and what is the cost?
Offer A gives two parties from Australia the chance to get in on the ground floor at 40% discount to the anticipated Offer B pricing. It also gives us the chance to recoup some money from the purchase of all remaining Series 1 Emotiv EEG headsets, our legals and web fees.

The Offer A franchise fee for Queensland is $17,822 + hardware costs of $1,725. Other documentation costs are approximately $2100 + any legals from your end.

What are possible earnings?
The NSW parent franchise is currently operated by a teacher who runs the Mindz Brainplay incursion on a part time basis (one school per week). Franchises can be operated full time with a possible revenue of $160k+ or part time with an revenue of $50k +.

Who does it suit?
A Mindz Brainplay franchise suits those with an education or science background – preferably teachers with a strong interest in STEM based subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Full or part-time commitment is OK.

Teachers with experience in the classroom but who want their own innovative, education focused business are perfect. Creativity, great presentation skills and the desire to inspire is important. The Federal and State Governments’ focus on STEM motivation means Mindz Brainplay is set to become THE must-have school incursion.

I’m intrigued by this. What do I do now?
Have a good look through this website to see what Mindz Brainplay is all about. Then click HERE for the business overview. If you are interested after reading this, email or call us to discuss the possibility.

Any questions? Ask them below...

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