School inquiry / booking form

School Booking / Inquiry form
Please provide two email addresses and as much detail as necessary including alternative dates. Thank you.
Mindz provides school incursions in NSW and Western Australia
These are the year groups that we would be presenting and giving the experience to. In NSW, year groups are often called 'stages' while in WA the year name is used.
This is the type of visit you'd want from us. We can do anything from a single session ($305) to a full day where we can present up to five sessions ($790). An extra 'Mind Control' session where students just use our equipment following a presentation is counted as one session.
In 2017, some teachers paid for our visit themselves due to their love of science. We offer a 10% discount to teachers who pay out of their own pocket. You can pay by credit card or direct deposit and we supply a tax invoice.

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