Post-Incursion follow-up kits soon available

We’ve found that many teachers want follow-up activities for students after our visits. While our Socrative Quiz provides a little reinforcement, there’s nothing like an ongoing practical project where students can see how brain power can be harnessed – a project that uses all the STEM components.

From September, we’ll have kits and instructions available for teachers wanting to take their students to the next level. The kit will involve the NeuroSky Mindwave EEG headset, an Arduino, a few pieces of electrical hardware and of course simple instructions for students.

Examples of what can be made with this are:

  • A beanie that lights up according to how a person is feeling
  • A prosthetic hand that can be operated using thoughts
  • A cap that emits a sound when a person is angry or afraid
  • A drone or remote controlled car that can be driven using the mind

We’re finalising the costs but the kit with EEG should come in at less than $300 and can be used over and over again. What’s more, we will be applying to NESA to run PD courses in 2018 dedicated to the use of the KIT in STEM subjects.

Keep watching!

Any questions? Ask them below...

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