An AirBnB Journey into your brain!

Most people think AirBnB only offer accommodation. Not so!

We’ve recently partnered with AirBnB to offer the Mindz Brainplay  experience on the AirBnB platform. The experience, entitled ‘A Journey inside Your Brain’ is one of the most popular AirBnB Experiences in Australia.

While initially for travellers visiting Sydney, the experience is proving most popular with Sydney-siders. 70% of our participants are local.

We provide a beer, wine or soft-drink, snacks and the full experience for a maximum of 5 people at one of the iconic pubs around Surry Hills over a 2-hour session. The AirBnB Experience is ideal for those wanting a taste of neuroscience without the jargon; an experience you can’t get anywhere else in the world.

The experience also suits teachers wanting to see how a session would work in a classroom setting.

Bookings can still be made for private sessions directly through the form below or you can book an AirBnB Experience session by clicking HERE.

Mindz attends corporate events in NSW and Western Australia

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