Queensland Franchise Available

Mindz Brainplay is seeking an individual, couple or group to run the Mindz Brainplay franchise in Queensland. WA and NSW are already running. 

Basically, Mindz Brainplay uses Electroencephalograph (EEG) headsets to teach about the brain, brain health and the future of  brain-driven technology.  Its educational and fun. EEG use in education and the public sphere is new so all training is provided in QLD. While the concept looks complex, it’s simple to understand and operate.

Who does it suit?
A Mindz Brainplay franchise suits those with an education, medical or science background – preferably teachers with a strong interest in STEM. Good presentation skills and the desire to inspire is important. Full or part-time is OK. Primary, secondary and specialist teachers are invited to apply.

How much work is involved?
Only ONE franchisee will be licensed in Queensland and the franchisee can work as much or as little as they like. However, we expect the Franchisee to visit at least 15 schools and run 5 x AirBnB experiences in the year.
There are two dominant arms to the business:
School incursions. We go into schools and educate about the brain using our headsets. It’s fun and links into syllabus outcome points. It is particularly relevant to the new QLD Psychology Syllabus. It’s extremely popular in NSW and WA schools with most schools finding us via Facebook or through our relationship with the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA).
AirBnB Experiences. When people book accommodation, AirBnB market them with experiences from that city. AirBnB look after all experience bookings and payments yet you set the schedule. The experience lasts 2 x hours and usually takes up to 6 people.  Its more fun than educational and is one of the most popular experiences in Sydney. At $65 per person less commission the franchisee makes more than $200 for 2x hours. Being supported by one of the top 10 companies in the world makes the admin easy. See HERE for the Sydney experience.
There are several minor arms:
Private / corporate sessions. Groups or individuals book an ‘experience’ via this website.
♦ Teachers’ Professional Development.  Mindz is the only entity accredited by a state government to teach teachers how to effectively use an EEG in the classroom for science or focus activities. This accreditation also covers Queensland teachers PD. See HERE.
Community events. Festivals, STEM Fairs and even dinner parties can be an additional offering. It’s the choice of the franchisee.

Why are we offering this?
The STEM drive is reaching maturity and teachers are looking for new ways to engage students.  STEM is not all about robotics, arduino and statistics. Medical Science  and Health Technology are REAL areas of work and a future career for students.  Our school visits reinforce this and engage students with practical, real-world science.

The brain is a surging area of public interest as the popularity of our AirBnB experiences show.  Booksellers now have categories relating specifically to the brain as the public craves to know what makes them tick.  See HERE. A Mindz franchise is timely.

We’ve also purchased all remaining Emotiv Epoc Series 1 headsets as a protection against the concept being copied. This ensures that Mindz Brainplay remains the only concept of it’s type in the world.  Financially, it gives us the chance to recoup some money from the purchase of these headsets, our legals and web fees.

What is the cost?
The franchise fee for Queensland is $15,295 + gst + hardware costs of $1,725 + GST and any legals from your end. This includes full training at your location and 1 x free session for a school of your choice + 1 x AirBnB session to see how presentations run. The royalty structure is $50 per week. However, this begins after three months effectively giving the franchisee 3 x months royalty free to maximise business potential.

What are possible earnings?
Figures revised on 21/7/18 to reflect 2017-18 financial year

The NSW parent franchise is currently operated by a teacher 1 x day per week. This involves:
⇒ average one or half day school session per fortnight (4hrs per week – Annual income $11k+)
⇒ average 2 x AirBnB Experiences per week (5hrs per week – Annual income $27k+)
⇒ Corporate, community and headset sales $12,000+

Expenses are calculated at 35% of revenue meaning an annual profit of $33k for 1 x day per week or $165k for 5 x days per week. This is for a ONE-PERSON operation. A two-person would generate far more.

Interested but would like to know more? Here’s how.
1. Have a good look through this website to see what Mindz Brainplay is all about.
2. Go to the AirBnB Experiences page for Sydney and to see whatA Journey Inside Your Mind’ is all about.
3. Complete the form below. We’ll contact you and provide you with the full Franchise Overview and Draft Franchise Agreement. There’s no obligation.
4. We set up a Skype interview for a Q and A session.
5. EMAIL US with any questions you have and we can then have an informal chat on the phone if required.

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