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An AirBnB Journey into your brain!

Most people think AirBnB only offer accommodation. Not so!

We’ve recently partnered with AirBnB to offer the Mindz Brainplay  experience on the AirBnB platform. The experience, entitled ‘A Journey inside Your Brain’ is one of the most popular AirBnB Experiences in Australia.

While initially for travellers visiting Sydney, the experience is proving most popular with Sydney-siders. 70% of our participants are local.

We provide a beer, wine or soft-drink, snacks and the full experience for a maximum of 5 people at one of the iconic pubs around Surry Hills over a 2-hour session. The AirBnB Experience is ideal for those wanting a taste of neuroscience without the jargon; an experience you can’t get anywhere else in the world.

The experience also suits teachers wanting to see how a session would work in a classroom setting.

Bookings can still be made for private sessions directly through the form below or you can book an AirBnB Experience session by clicking HERE.

Mindz attends corporate events in NSW and Western Australia

Fact or Fallacy?

An Investigating Science Research Session

♦ Does listening to heavy metal music really stop relaxation?
♦ Does chocolate really help you feel good and calm down?
♦ Is laughter really the best medicine?

By using our EEG headsets, students investigate whether these beliefs are actually true, partially true or completely false. We provide the headsets, the guidance and the worksheets while students undertake a 90 minute group investigation where all members get to use the equipment and have their brain analyzed.

Groups also look at the variables involved, the validity and the ways the experiments could be improved. They will also individually look at the relevance of their investigation for society and do a short quiz so you can see their level of engagement.

Sessions limits
We can take up to 25 students in a session and as group experimentation is involved, a reasonable space should be set aside so that the activity from groups doesn’t disrupt others.

The cost of the session is $380 – less if booked as part of a full-day incursion. We need 75 minutes prior to the session to set up headsets and laptops. All headsets, headphones, and up to 2 x laptops are supplied.

For the full description of all session outlines including Fact or Fallacy, click HERE
To inquire or make a booking click HERE

New for schools: Drone Control

Yes, that’s right. From steering wheelchairs and cars to turning on lights to dialing mobile phone numbers with your thoughts … and now this!

In NSW from February, every school incursion for years 7-10 + Biology (term 4) will include one or two students per group nominated to fly our special indoor drone.

Now this isn’t easy and it takes ‘Theta’ or ‘Beta’ control that most struggle with. We’ll admit, we’ve crashed it several times.

It must be flown indoors as if not it will end up in New Zealand, yet the drone has a wire cage surround so that students can catch it easily and safely. It’s safe, fun and fairly impossible to break (we hope).

Only one  or two students per group will have a turn and they’ll need to show some skill at mind control during other activities.



Conferences & Corporate Events

Mindz Brainplay is not purely for schools or universities. Our headsets show how a person thinks under different circumstances and can be used to train the mind to achieve certain states more conducive to work, meditation, play or creativity.

Mindz in the conference or corporate environment is always fun and gives participants insight into how their brain works. While looking at the cutting edge of neuroscience, our corporate sessions also give participants the chance to compete in mind games using only their brain power to control the action against colleagues. Fun for participants and those watching.


Corporate Inquiry Form
Mindz attends corporate events in NSW and Western Australia

Brain Awareness Week 2018

Brain Awareness Week for schools occurs between the 13th and 17th March 2018. It’s the ideal time to focus on brain health and use the Mindz experience to engage and motivate students.

For Brain Awareness Week  we’ll be adding an extra 5 minute section on binge drinking and its impact on the brain. We’ll still be looking at the way neurons communicate and using our EEGs to look inside the brain of students.

To inquire about a visit to your school, fill out the form below and we’ll respond within 24 hours.


Mindz Brainplay WA begins February 1

What started as a small idea and a working project in NSW has transformed into a National education initiative with Mindz now operating in both NSW and WA.

Everything you see on this site is (or will be) available in WA, from school incursions to pub neuroscience to corporate events.

Ben Currell, the leader of the Mindz WA team is the also the current chair of the ‘Game Changer’ School STEM Awards in WA. He holds a Bachelor of Science Majoring in Nanotechnology and post graduate qualifications in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

For schools …
WA Mindz school incursions will begin on February 1st 2018 with bookings open now. Complete the form below to make an inquiry or tentative booking for your school.

Term 4 School bookings now open

Term 4, 2018 bookings now open!
Small groups, classes, years or whole school audiences

This is the content focus and year groups that we would be working with. You may have 1 x single group or several different groups during the day. We'll email or call you with an exact quote within 24 hours.

2018 ‘EEG in the Classroom’ PD dates

MINDZ has recently been accredited as a NESA Endorsed provider for training in ‘Using an Electroencephalograph (EEG) headset in Science / STEM class activities’. We are the ONLY entity in Australia with government endorsement to run these courses for teachers.

This means teachers get 2.5 hours PD credit when they attend one of our workshops

Teachers from any state can attend our workshops which cover national descriptors 6.2.2, 3.2.2 and 3.4.2. We aim to quip teachers with the knowledge and skills to safely use a range of EEGs and interpret the results.

The cost will be $95 if you bring your own EEG (or use one of ours) OR $225 which includes a NeuroSky MindWave EEG.

Click HERE to go to our dates and registration page