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New for schools: Drone Control

Yes, that’s right. From steering wheelchairs and cars to turning on lights to dialing mobile phone numbers with your thoughts … and now this!

In NSW from February, every school incursion for years 7-10 + Biology (term 4) will include one or two students per group nominated to fly our special indoor drone.

Now this isn’t easy and it takes ‘Theta’ or ‘Beta’ control that most struggle with. We’ll admit, we’ve crashed it several times.

It must be flown indoors as if not it will end up in New Zealand, yet the drone has a wire cage surround so that students can catch it easily and safely. It’s safe, fun and fairly impossible to break (we hope).

Only oneĀ  or two students per group will have a turn and they’ll need to show some skill at mind control during other activities.



Term 4 School bookings now open

Term 4, 2018 bookings now open!
Small groups, classes, years or whole school audiences

This is the content focus and year groups that we would be working with. You may have 1 x single group or several different groups during the day. We'll email or call you with an exact quote within 24 hours.

Year 5 and 6 STEM

The Mindz STEM experience isn’t just for years 7-10. Late primary school students can also gain an understanding of how their brain works, the fundamentals of mind control and brain health. We can visit your school for 60-90 minutes, a half day or a full day to engage your students in STEM activites that will leave them wanting more.

We’ll supply you with teacher information and can provide cost effective equipment for ongoing brain investigation.

Our experience is that year 5 and 6 students are fully capable of understanding the concepts and being motivated by the Mindz experience. As a matter of fact, students in years 5 or 6 are far better at using mind control and mind gaming than teenagers or adults.

The Mindz Experience fits alligns with state based science syllabus outcome points.

For more information or to ask about available dates, complete the form below and we will respond within 24 hours. Please include an alternate email address as some school servers thinkthe spelling of ‘Mindz’ is spam.