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Love science, education, health, psych or events? Mindz Brainplay is Australia’s only brain ‘edutainment’ business and we need confident presenters to run our franchises in  Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT. It’s fun, flexible & profitable. Mindz already runs in NSW and WA.

Who does it suit?
A franchise suits those who want to be their own boss while having a steady income with a part or full-time commitment. It also suits those who want flexible work hours and the ability to add their own ideas to the business. You may have experience in one or more of:

⇒ Education     ⇒ Social or event hosting     ⇒ Entrepreneurship
⇒ Pharmaceutical sales    ⇒ Science communication
⇒ Medicine or Nursing      ⇒ Psychology     ⇒  Health and Well-being   ⇒ Corporate presenting  ⇒ Entertainment   ⇒ Event management

Whatever your past industry, an interest in the brain and a passion to inspire others is important. Good presentation and people skills are necessary as is a Working with Children Clearance. An individual, couple or group can apply.

Only ONE franchisee will operate in each state or territory and the franchisee does not need an office or storefront. All school / corporate presentations and AirBnB  experiences are offsite.

Master Franchise
Each franchise is actually a Master Franchise where the franchisee can license up to two geographic or work oriented areas to sub-franchisees. This means that as well as selling the sub-franchises, they will also obtain a monthly royalty from the sub-franchisee.

Example 1: The Victorian (Melbourne) franchisee sells a sub-franchise in  East Victoria for $10,000 and then obtains an ongoing royalty of $200 per month. The sub-franchisee would look after all aspects of the business in East Victoria.

Example 2: The franchisee in the ACT sub-franchises the ‘Schools’ arm of the business for $7,000 to a teacher who wants to run only the schools business. The Master Franchisee will now only run the AirBnB Experience side of the business while obtaining an ongoing monthly royalty from the sub-franchisee running the school side of the business.

The franchises are priced to ensure the initial investment is recoverable within 3-6 months. This makes it suitable for those who wish to work part time. A full-time commitment would see revenue of over $200k annually.

We know the concept looks complex yet all training is provided at your location. We assure you that any organised person who is confident with basic technology and simple health concepts is capable of running the business.

For more information on the VICTORIA, ACT, SOUTH AUSTRALIA or TASMANIA offer, complete the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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