Emotiv Epoc+ Headset

What is the Emotiv Epoc+?
The EMOTIV Epoc+ is a 14 channel wireless EEG, designed for contextualized research and advanced brain computer interface (BCI) applications. The EPOC+ provides access to dense array, high quality, raw EEG data using the available subscription based software.

Basically, the Epoc+ headset looks the same as the ones we use in our school or public sessions, yet it is quite different.  It is capable of more advanced brain-computer applications and is great for developers wanting to use the headset in creative applications. It will not work with the Arena game. It is the next generation from the ones we use and has a + sign in its name.  We have purchased all existing first generation Epoc headsets for our own use.

Emotiv has given a 2.5% discount code for our followers/schools/clients to use when buying through the Emotiv website. We know it isn’t much but this is a specialised device where discounts are usually given to universities, research groups etc. Just go to https://www.emotiv.com/ and enter the discount code EA-02-17 at the checkout.

BUT we also know that Emotiv often have 10 or 20% discount sales that last for a week only. You’d be mad to use our discount code at these times. Use theirs!

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