Neurosky MindWave Mobile Starter Kit

Why do we like this?

The NeuroSky MindWave Mobile is a robust, affordable and easy to us10465_neurosky_mindwave_mobile_3e headset that measures brainwaves (Delta through to Gamma) while also indicating attention and meditative states. It interfaces direct to your mobile phone or laptop via Bluetooth.

It’s ideal for individuals wanting to know more about their brainwaves or STEM teachers starting an investigation into the brain.  It assists with identifying the meditative state while also being used in schools to help students with diagnosed ADHD focus their brain in a fun way.images456

It’s so robust that students can use them in group investigation safely and see results instantly.  The headset comes with both Mind Visualiser and SpeedMaths software in the ‘Mindwave Mobile Starter Kit’.

The Mindwave Mobile has many affordable apps which facilitates  mindwave-starterkit-x-2 different and continued use of the headset. We’ve have had NO maintenance issues with this headset. Just remember to turn the headset on before you start the software. If you’re a teacher, we’ll send you the teachers’ activity guide should you purchase.  Feel free to call us on 1300 920 536 if you have questions or want more detail.

The normal Australian price through other Australian providers range from $199 (Eastbay) – $225.20 (Little bird) + postage. We give post-purchase phone support and online password access to our classroom activity guide for teachers.

Teacher and Education discount price = $129.95 including postage Australia-Wide and online classroom activities (School delivery only)


Non-teacher price = $149.95 including postage Australia-wide.
If you want to collect from us or buy several units, please complete the form below and one of us will contact you.

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