The Emotiv EPOC Headset

What is the Emotiv Epoc?
The EMOTIV Epoc is a 14 channel wireless EEG, designed for simple brain computer interface (BCI) applications. Most of the applications for the EPOC are still available via the Emotiv website either free or for a small price.

It is the FIRST generation of Emotiv Headsets and while we have purchased all remaining 1st generation sets for our franchisees, we have two extra for sale.

The basic software needed to run this is the Emotiv Xavier Control Panel which is free (V 3.3.3).

The Epoc headset is the one we use in our school or public sessions.  It is capable of simple brain-computer applications, the Arena Game and the Brain Visualiser.


While these are great headsets, we don’t recommend them for school use where  multiple student use is required. They require regular cleaning and de-oxidisation of sensors. Individual or lab use is fine.

                       Price: $935 + postage ($20)



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