NSW Stage 6 Investigating Science

The Investigating Science unit introduced for 2018 is broad in nature, but allows for immense creativity in many areas of science.

We have developed two research/experimentation sessions that fit the unit. Teachers should choose the one which best suits their needs. Working Scientifically can be a mixed group with Biology as both BIO and INS outcomes are covered. Fact or Fallacy is strictly for Investigating Science Students.

♦ Working Scientifically from term 1, 2018. Mindz will guide groups through a 90-100 minute  practical scientific exploration using EEG headsets we provide. The session is based around group scientific investigation work, not lecture and presentation. Students will design an investigation using their choice of supplied stimuli and then collect, analyse and evaluate data following scientific method. They will then communicate it to a specific audience. Validity, independent and dependent variables discussed. (INS11-8, INS11/12-2, INS11/12-3, INS 11/12-5, INS11/12-7). This session also fits with Biology – Working Scientifically. For the full session outline, click HERE

♦ Fact or Fallacy from term 4, 2018. Students will conduct a series of mind-based EEG experiments to prove Fact or Fallacy on several common beliefs. A common belief is that lying down helps a person relax and creates ‘Theta’ brainwaves. Another belief is that heavy metal music creates ‘Beta or Gamma’ waves and cannot help a person relax. The session investigates these beliefs using our EEG headsets to see if they fit into the areas of Fact or Fallacy. This investigation is different to the ‘Working Scientifically‘ session in that students don’t design their investigation. All guidance is supplied. However, we suggest students only attend one session during their unit. For the full session outline, click HERE.

For Both Sessions
We can take up to 25 students in a session and as group experimentation is involved, a reasonable space should be set aside. 

The cost of the session is $380 – less if booked as part of a full-day incursion. We need 75 minutes prior to the session to set up headsets and laptops. All headsets, headphones, and up to 2 x laptops are supplied.

To inquire or make a booking click HERE

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