Teacher Testimonials

Below are testimonials from teachers about the Mindz education experience.

Mindz presented an extremely engaging and user-friendly workshop that allowed students to explore the working scientifically outcomes of the new Stage 6 science syllabuses, by first performing and then designing their own experiments. Our students literally used their brains in new ways.  We invited all our science students (investigating Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry (hence the need for the chocolate!) The working scientifically outcomes are equally applicable for all, not just IS and Bio. I think it was an excellent investment for early Year 11 to set the students up for Practical Assessments and Depth Studies in future. A really valuable 3 hours!
Gillian Shute – HT Science
Hastings Secondary College Westport

Great. Students loved using the headsets to play. Awesome delivery.
Dave Graham
Irrawang High School

An exciting tool to demonstrate to students the power of their thoughts. Where they can learn how their brain responds to various stimulus as they play, focus, listen or meditate and build their concentration skills. Dottie Naszka
Floraville Public School

It was a great experience that provided some engaging practical activities that I am already looking at including in my programming. It was presented exceptionally well and provided some great example activities to get started on.
Christopher Burke:
Homebush Boys HS

Enjoyed the experience, was interesting to see how the brain worked & putting theory into practice.
Kate Herwig:
Lisarow PS

Fun neuroscience

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